First & Fast International Logistics

Delivery needs via courier. truck, or air to assure your shipment is delivered without delays.

Service Quotation

Purchasing Service Quotation

Purchase Amount (CNY) Services Percentage
 1,000~5,000 5%
5,001~20,000 4%
20,001~50,000 3%
50,001~100,000 2%
100,001 以上 1.5 ~ 1%
Taobao/Alibaba link purchase 1%
Remark Service percentage can be negotiate when order amount more than upper quotation 
Confirm purchase but not deal for order customer must be pay ¥100 for services charges  

E-Commerce Cargo Collection Service Quotation

Weight per KG  Services Charges Per Unit/Pcs  Value Added Cargo Services Charges Per Unit/Pcs
Under & 2kgs 1 3
2.1kgs ~ 5kgs 2 5
5.1kgs ~ 10kgs  3 10
10.1kgs ~ 20kgs 5 15
20.1kgs ~ 30kgs 10 20
30.1kgs ~ 50kgs  20 30
Remark: Purchasing Item more than TENTY we don’t  charges the purchasing services charges
Value Added Cargo & Special Packing will increase 5% on the basic quote

Terms & Conditions

1.Payment Method

Advance for Purchasing

Collecting & Freight Services will be charges by COD

2.Payment Currency

CNY (or) Myanmar Kyats (exchange rate depend on the Payment Date Market price)

3. Insurance

services for purchase Cargo Insurance as per customer or consumer request.


All cargos compensation “Total Lost”, but not include compensation for the Damage & Destruction / Fragile Cargo - Does not
include compensation for the damage.

For General cargo maximum amount of compensation is FIVE TIMES of freight charges, Maximum compensation amount is CNY

For Value added cargo maximum amount of compensation is THREE times of freight charges

5.  This quote is standard quotation, price list will be difference according freight charges & custom policy, please confirm the final quotation when you confirm to order.

“First & Fast International Logistics Co.,Ltd” reserves the right to interpret the above terms and conditions.